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Android Tablets only will surpass the iPhone in 2015

The iPad is the bestseller among the products of technology. Alone – with its mobile operating system iOS – the Apple tablet goes beyond the sale of all the added competition. But a study by IDC shows that the company can not prevent the inevitable: the Android tablets will be the leader of the global market in three years.

New iPhone

New iPhone

Apple still dominates the market for tablets, but its share is falling slowly and gradually. The main reason for their decline is the availability of Android devices at low prices, as the Fire Kindle, Amazon. Proof of this is that Apple sold a greater number of Cases in the fourth quarter of 2011 (15.4 million versus 11.1 million for the third quarter), but its market share fell from 61.5% (in the third quarter of 2011) to 54.7% (recorded in the fourth quarter of 2011). Continued…

Start from Los Angeles – iPad Distribution

Los Angeles Unified School District : iPad Distribution BeginsApple was quite rightly prided itself when the contract was signed on June 19: The Los Angeles Unified School District, which operates 47 campuses in the California metropolis iPad will equip its students. A deal at $ 30 million to Cupertino, and especially a victory at a time when Google and Samsung are trying to smuggle in the education market. By the end of this year, 31,000 students are going to drop a tablet Iceberg in their bags. Continued…

Government market, BlackBerry’s big trouble, Samsung win

BlackBerry's big trouble, Samsung is to winBlackberry weakness in the consumer market is gradually spreading to enterprise and government markets. Although the U.S. Department of Defense to allow BlackBerry 10 system to the network, but just a few hours ago, believing the Samsung Galaxy S4 may be allowed to enter the Pentagon, breaking the long-standing monopoly of Blackberry. And earlier, the U.S. Department of Defense has announced that it will allow Apple and Google systems access network equipment in the U.S. government market, so the BlackBerry advantage being swallowed. Continued…

HDC One, Artificial of HTC One


HDC One, clone of HTC One from China

A vendor from China do not require a long time to make a clone HTC One. HDC One, comes with a form very similar to the HTC One but sell at a much more affordable price.

HTC One is not only one of the fastest Android phones, but many smartphone users who admire the design. Aluminum material that surrounds the entire body of the phone also makes it even more special.

It was later inspired mobile phone manufacturers in China. Not only the body are replicated, HDC One name was deliberately made ​​similar to the original version, the HTC One. Continued…